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Please Read: We are so happy you have chosen to give to Baleville to help our church.  Please make sure that you have created an account before giving.  If you try to give below without selecting the sign-in option then you will not be able to properly fill out and submit the form.  If you need to create an account the option is under the Sign-In tab below.  You will receive email conformations when you create an account and also give.  If you have issues or questions please reach out to the Church Office.  Thank you!

About Our Security

We take seriously our responsibility for your giving and stewardship from the initial donation until its final impact and influence. As part of our ongoing and continually improving commitment to that aim we have partnered with HaloPays to provide our backend processing. In addition to the securing of our domain access point through SSL, HaloPays enables us to ensure that your information is handled front-to-back with the best technology, encryption and controls available today. Ministry requires trust, and our constant goal is for you to be able to see, know, understand and affirm how your offerings are invited, received and used here at Baleville. If you have any questions about giving online, please contact the main office at and we will get you in touch with the right staff member or leadership team to answer your inquiry. Thank you the joining the work here!


Baleville Congregational Christian Church

6 Church Road
Newton, New Jersey 07860


Office Hours

T-F: 9:00 am-2:00 PM


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