About Baleville

Some Church History

In 1826 a small group of faithful persons gathered to start a congregation with a singular focus – who Jesus is and what Jesus has done, free of distant hierarchy and control and called in polity “Congregational.” The people worshiping at Baleville have faced great change by faith in an incredible Christ. They met for twenty years as homeless Christians, meeting wherever they could find a place to worship. They built a meetinghouse, survived fires and sent off members into the greatest conflicts of American history – and cared for them when they came back. They labored and strove and believed with each passing generation that God was calling them not to remain fixed in time but faithful to their witness – that the grace of God overcomes the pain of life, and the love of Christ conquers the lostness of a culture. We are excited to carry forward the work that God has started here in Hampton Township, believing that He who called us is faithful, and will carry on to completion the good work He began (Phil. 1:6).


Baleville Congregational Christian Church

6 Church Road
Newton, New Jersey 07860


Office Hours

T-F: 9:00 am-2:00 PM



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